Since 2001, DILHAN Travel Servıces was an A Group travel agency besides of being an IATA and TURSAB member. DILHAN is always placing emphasis on its individual and corporate clients with an intimate and companionable manner including best offers and solutions for their demands. DILHAN’s quality of services makes them reliable and outgrowing boutique travel agency of the sector which makes them feel proud and happy.

DILHAN earns lots of business partners by its local and international air ticketing services, hotel reservations, car rentals, visa services and the organizations that covers all the services of a travel agency.

DILHAN has a mission that targets transperant, fast and high quality of services besides of assuring most preferable, cheap and accurate prices under the new technologies within expertise of their working team which creates a new and dynamic vision for the company.

Aim is to create most preferable, detailed, advantageous offers to its both individual and corporate clients with a high qualilty of services.

DILHAN wishes to know that your last travel is more satisfying then the one before.

Dilhan Turizm Seyahat Ltd. Sti.

Atatürk Caddesi, No: 60/D (40)
Sahrayıcedit Kadıköy
Tel.    : +90 216 3608393
Fax    : +90 216 3691626